The Hakamada Incident

Loneliness is painful for me certainly, it is painful, but it is not as meaningless."

Iwao Hakamada


In the following days, Vacant Cranium will begin the campaign to document the horrendus occurences involving Iwao Hakamada.

On March 27, 2014, Hakamada was released from prison and granted a retrial by the Shizuoka District Court. A statement from the court said there was reason to believe evidence had been fabricated in the original trial and that keeping the 78-year-old jailed while waiting on the retrial would have been "unbearably unjust". Hakamada was admitted to a Tokyo hospital the day after his release to be treated for a possible case of diabetes. According to a family member, Hakamada's mental health has badly deteriorated due to years in solitary confinement. According to an anti-death penalty activist that visited him in 2003, Hakamada was then claiming he had become "the omnipotent God" who had "absorbed" Iwao Hakamada, taken over the prison, and abolished the death penalty in Japan. A 2009 report on the death penalty in Japan by Amnesty International, said a psychiatrist had diagnosed Hakamada with "institutional psychosis".  


We hope you will join us in shedding light on the court systems, the price of incarceration, and the implications of freedom.  We hope to find a glimmer of hope in all this shadow.

More news on how you can contribute will follow soon. Please spread the word, and bring compassion to those that need it most.